Our Story

Hi. I'm Amie.

Since I was a teenager, work and school had been my life. Taking a few classes at a time, I managed to pay my way through school without debt. Caring for babies has always been my passion, most recently working in a pediatric ER. I have seen many amazing and heartbreaking things, but never have I lost my love of caring for others.

I always said, "I could never be a stay at home mom".

Well never say never...


An Accidental Mompreneur

Enter my first baby girl, Bria Grayson (May 4, 2014). It didn't take long to realize that staying with her was what I wanted. With the support of my husband, I went full-time momma. 

Obviously no vacation, I connected with other moms, especially through social media. Support wasn't the only thing I found. Adorable, creative, handmade goods by stay at home moms littered my every tap and swipe. I wanted it all, but with only one income, shopping wasn’t something I could just do whenever. 

I thought I could do this! Never using a sewing machine in my life, I decided to borrow my mother-in-law's machine and give it a try. A couple YouTube videos later and I had created my first bow headband. It turned out better than I expected and my husband agreed, so I kept on doing it. More confident with each headband, I finally decided to share my stuff with the world and Briabay was born.


Welcome to the grind...

Like anything new, getting started was freaking hard! Everything was trial and error. I researched and sewed during nap times. I connected with anyone I could on social media. I tried any marketing idea I came across. I attended every vendor fair I could find.

With ignorance on my side, I powered forward slowly gaining traction and building my community. Over the first year and a half my skillset grew and sales steadily increased. 

I began experimenting with more advanced sewing techniques and patterns. From there the Briabay line took shape and evolved into the products we offer today


What does Briabay mean?

The Bria part is obvious, but the bay is because my husband and I were married in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Without him, there would be no Bria! And the domain was available, so there's that 🙂

But the truth is, Briabay means family. I couldn't have made it this far without the backing of my husband, the inspiration of my daughter, the mentorship of other small shops, and the support of every Briabay customer. I'm humbled and blessed to be doing this.

This venture is still new and at times painful, but I can honestly say I'm proud of where we are and ready for what's next.

Let's be friends.

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