Fashionable Impact: Briabay vs. COVID-19

A Spring Break Like No Other

Our week of family adventures were derailed by the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. Within a week all of our plans were cancelled including what would have been Bria’s first concert, JoJo Siwa. Luckily it was still a surprise and she didn’t have to experience that disappointment. By the end of the week our lives were flipped upside down, with a stay-at-home order in affect, school closed, and a feeling of uncertainty.

Watching the reports from around the world was terrifying, especially since Bria has struggled with respiratory issues since she was born including several ER visits and hospital stays. We took the threat very seriously taking every precaution. The first couple weeks were a blur but we finally found our groove.

Our Opportunity to Make a Difference

Before Bria was born, I worked in a hospital and pediatric ER making many friends. I couldn’t stand watching the people I grew to love struggle to find protective masks they desperately needed. I decided to do what I could, pause Briabay, and start making masks. Using the materials and time I had on hand, I began sewing. As others learned of my project, pleas for more masks came pouring in. So I rolled up my sleeves and made them available to everyone.


A Fashionable Impact

I am proud to say with the support of our amazing Briabay community we have been able to:

  • Make over 500 masks and 350 headbands
  • Donate 150 masks to seniors and local hospital workers
  • Raise over $500 in cash donations

I am happy to announce that all of the proceeds have been donated to Saint Mary’s Food Bank, which translates into over 3,500 meals for families in need.


Although unfortunate this needed to be done, it warms my heart to see all the masks and headbands in use. It’s great that although I’m no longer caring for people directly, I can still make an impact.

Stay healthy and we’ll be here if you need us!

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